Billet BMX Chain Tensioner Kit for Race Inc Frame 20mm to 10mm Axle

Billet BMX Chain Tensioner Kit for Race Inc Frame 20mm to 10mm Axle
  1. Remove parts from packaging and make sure all shield screws are snug on each tensioner with provided 1.5mm Allen key. Each shield has two screws.
  2. Completely remove your back wheel from bike frame using 15mm wrench on axle nuts.
  3. Insert the 20mm to 10mm stainless steel adapters on axles. Flat side goes towards the center of hub and oval side goes towards outside of axles.
  4. Insert one side of axle with oval adapter into drop out. You will then need to stretch the fame a little to get the other side in. Note: We recommend using blue masking tape on inside of frame dropouts to protect your paint for this step.
  5. Place chain on free wheel first then install on main sprocket 2nd.
  6. Install chain tensioners on axles and hand tighten nuts. Make sure logos are facing the correct way there is a right and left tensioner.
  7. Using 2.5mm Allen key insert into rear hole of tensioner. Tighten bolt by turning counterclockwise. This will pull your axle back to reach desired chain tension. Make sure wheel is straight and aligned with brake pads. Make adjustments on each tensioner to center wheel perfectly.
  8. Remove blue masking tape if used and tighten axled nuts to 30Nm max to lock everything down.


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